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We showcase independently commissioned gowns. What does that mean?

Each gown style is unique. The designers of these gowns do not advertise through any type of media as they do not want their designs to be Chinese knock-off sites. These site are in the practice of horribly replicating a design created by a reputable design house. These inferior knock-off copies are continually being sold as authentic pieces through online bridal gown discounters and other sites like E-bay, Craigslist, etsy.com, etc. For this reason we are a no-photo showroom.


The designers who have trusted us to passionately represent their lines are:


Robin Jillian, Carrafina, Adrienne Cole and other distinguished designers.

We have a pristine collection of new and recently retired gowns which have been drastically reduced. These wedding gowns were best sellers during their season and have been retired. All are available for immediate purchase.


The Exclusive Robin Jillian Wedding Collection

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Robin Jillian wedding gowns are designed for the upscale bride who is seeking unique fashion toward styling. These gowns are currently sold throughout Europe under various different labels. In most European markets these wedding gowns are constantly ranked in the top tier of the best selling and most popular styles. In America and Canada distribution of the Robin Jillian wedding downs is extremely limited. In most cases there will only be one or two stores in an entire state that is authorized to buy them. Each store that carries the Robin Jillian wedding gowns is given a large exclusive regional territory and they may not be sold over the internet.

Robin Jillian gowns all have a sewn in label and a hang tag that verifies their authenticity. In order to avoid un-authorized replication of the Robin Jillian styles they are not pictured at this site and no catalog is produced. Stores that carry these dresses are not permitted to post pictures on their websites and as a condition of authorization to carry these dresses stores must not permit photographs of these gowns except that a customer may take her own photograph only after she had her purchase.

Robin Jillian works with two other designers throughout the wedding gown design, review, modification and fabrication process to bring these dresses to the North American Market. She personally travels to Europe each spring to see the final line review presented on models. She does an extensive elimination process to pick from the European styles those dresses that she feels will most please the North American market. She also makes final custom modifications to many of the dresses so that some of the Robin Jillian styles, because of her modifications are totally unique to her North American line and are not sold anywhere else in the world.

Robin Jillian gowns are not for everyone. They are designed for a bride who is looking to make a breathtaking and astounding presentation on her wedding day. Ms. Jillian is cognizant of the fact that a bride in her wedding gown is the most memorable feature of every wedding. Long after memories of the food and music have faded a bride in a wedding gown that embellishes her inner and outer beauty will still be remembered. Robin’s goal with her styles is that every groom starts his marriage by looking at his bride for the first time in her dress and thinking, “I’m so lucky I got her” and he will be reminded of this for the rest of his life every time he looks at their wedding picture.

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Adrienne Cole

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A Bridal Company

Adrienne Cole Bridal offers an array of style and fabrics to meet any bride’s wants and needs. Pulling together sophistication for the modern bride and classic elegance for the traditional bride, Adrienne Cole Bridal is as diverse as the line. Add a slue of customization options and you are left with an endless number of possibilities. Adrienne Cole is a couture line because of fabrics and construction however, they are in the moderate price range.

With over 15 years combined bridal retail and wholesale experience, the owner of Adrienne Cole, Carrie Kearns, has paid special attention to market trends and has presented outstanding designs.

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